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Richmond Hill homeowners look to Cumming Home Heating & Cooling for all their heating and cooling needs. But did you know we offer more than just furnaces and air conditioners? We also provide sales and installation of gas fireplaces, all types of BBQs, pool and spa heaters and pumps, hot water tanks, gas lines, and even outdoor fire features. We partner with industry leaders and sell only the best, most reliable and energy-efficient brands on the market (but we can service and repair any make or model, even brands we don’t sell). Our team of HVAC experts are certified, licensed and trained in all things heating and cooling, and can help you with all your home comfort needs. Trust your Richmond Hill home to Cumming Home Heating & Cooling — we’ll take good care of you.

About Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Ontario HVACThe area known as York Region, part of the Greater Toronto Area, is made up of nine local cities and towns, one of which is Richmond Hill, located in the south-central part of the municipality. Richmond Hill has a current population of over 200,000 residents, making it the 28th most populous municipality in Canada. Just a short drive from Toronto up Highway 404 (Richmond Hill is also serviced by two GO Transit stations), this city has much to offer, from arts and culture to sports and recreation.

Richmond Hill has a thriving arts culture. The Richmond Hill Centre For The Performing Arts boasts a 631-seat auditorium, where they feature theatre performances, comedy, concerts and more in their multi-functional space. As well, the city offers a summer series of Concerts In The Park, and free Moonlight Movies.

The David Dunlap Observatory opened in Richmond Hill in 1935 and has since become the largest reflecting telescope observatory in Canada. Used as a research center by the University of Toronto’s Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, it has also become a popular destination in the area for public education and outreach.

If you want to get active in Richmond Hill, your options are endless, with a total of 166 parks, 544 hectares of undeveloped natural areas, 6 public swimming pools, baseball diamonds, skateboard parks, ice skating rinks, and several golf courses.

With a municipality this size, it’s surprising that the economy in Richmond Hill is mostly small businesses, with more than half of all employers in the city having 4 workers or less on their payroll. Yet at the same time, several major corporate headquarters call Richmond Hill home, such as Rogers Communications, BMW Canada, and Staples.

Some popular local destinations and things to do in Richmond Hill include:

If you need heating or air conditioning installation or repair for your Richmond Hill home, or are looking for any of the other services we offer, call on the experts at Cumming Home Heating & Cooling. We take home comfort seriously.

Richmond Hill HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Services We Offer:

Richmond Hill Furnace Installation

Richmond Hill Furnace Installation - Cumming Home Heating & CoolingWe know how cold Ontario gets in the winter. Struggling through our long winter months with a furnace that is not performing optimally just isn’t an option. If your furnace is over 10 years old, makes loud or unusual noises, or struggles to reach warm temperatures, it may be time to replace it with a reliable, energy-efficient model. We sell only the top brands in home heating, and can advise you on the very best high-efficiency option for your home. We provide free estimates, installation of your new furnace and removal of your old unit. Don’t suffer in the cold — call Cumming Home Heating & Cooling for help staving off that Ontario winter chill with a cozy warm home. Learn more about Richmond Hill Furnace Installation.

Richmond Hill Furnace Repair & Maintenance

Maybe your current furnace still has some life left, but it just needs some tender loving care to help it run like new again. If you notice any of these signs: unusual noises, a burning smell, clicking during operation, or your furnace struggles to reach warm temperatures, it may need some help. We repair and service every make and model of furnace on the market, even brands we don’t sell ourselves. Call the experts at Cumming Home Heating & Cooling for professional furnace repair and maintenance service — you will save money down the road by regularly maintaining your unit now. Learn more about Richmond Hill Furnace Repair & Maintenance.

Richmond Hill Air Conditioning Installation

Tempstar Air Conditioner Richmond Hill OntarioAt the end of a cold Ontario winter is an equally hot summer. Once you factor in the southern Ontario humidity on top of it, living conditions can get very uncomfortable, very fast if you don’t have air conditioning in your home. Whether you are looking to replace your current unit or you need a brand-new install, we have the air conditioning answer you need to stay cool and comfortable all summer long. We’ll lay out all your options and help you decide on the best energy-efficient unit for your home, provide a free estimate for installation, install your new unit and remove your old one. We sell only the most reliable, energy-efficient air conditioning units on the market. When that Richmond Hill heat peaks in the summer months, rest easy knowing you’ve got a cool, comfortable home to relax in. Learn more about Richmond Hill Air Conditioning Installation.

Richmond Hill Air Conditioning Repair

Maybe you’re not quite ready to replace your current air conditioner, but it’s long past due for a tune-up to help it run at peak performance again. If your air conditioning unit isn’t blowing cool air anymore, or is making loud or unusual noises during operation, it’s time to call in the expert HVAC team at Cumming Home Heating & Cooling Richmond Hill. Our service technicians are experienced, certified, licensed and trained to perform repairs and service on all makes and models of air conditioning units. An added bonus: we treat these repair calls as an opportunity to educate our customers about their unit — in layman’s terms — by explaining exactly what we are doing and why, and we provide advice on how to properly maintain your unit in between service calls, saving you money down the road. Learn more about Richmond Hill Air Conditioning Repair.

Richmond Hill Fireplaces & BBQs

A gas fireplace can provide a warm focal point for any home. We carry a wide variety of decorative fireplace options so you can customize for comfort, safety, and long-lasting value.

Or maybe you are sprucing up your Richmond Hill backyard and have decided to invest in a new BBQ. We carry propane, natural gas, and charcoal BBQs, as well as smokers and ceramic cookers, if you’d like to expand your grilling experience. Talk to the experts at Cumming Home Heating & Cooling for your outdoor BBQ needs. Learn about Richmond Hill Fireplaces & BBQs.

Outdoor Fire Features Richmond Hill

If you want to really enhance your Richmond Hill backyard experience, an outdoor fire feature is a must to create that same warm focal point as your gas fireplace creates indoors. The possibilities are endless to create the look you want, from elegant to modern to rustic, and even tiki torches — we have the design you are looking for and we provide full installation and sales. Talk to our experts today. Learn more about Richmond Hill Outdoor Fire Features

Richmond Hill Humidifiers & Air Purifiers

When we think of air pollution we think of the great outdoors and issues like smog and greenhouse gases. However, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air we breathe inside our homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. That’s a scary fact. It’s a no-brainer then, that improving the air quality in our homes can have a tremendous impact on our health. The benefits don’t stop there though — it can also make a difference in your energy bills. Purifying the air in your home and maintaining proper humidity levels will ensure a more comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient home environment, which will result in lower overall energy costs. Call Cumming Home Heating & Cooling for expert advice on your Richmond Hill home’s indoor air quality. Learn about Richmond Hill Humidifiers & Air Purifiers

Gas Line Installation Richmond Hill

If you are thinking of tackling a home gas line installation project yourself, here’s a piece of advice from the experts: DON’T! You need certified, licensed and trained professionals for safe gas line installation work. Our Cumming Home Heating & Cooling technicians know what they are doing. We provide gas line installation and service in Richmond Hill for barbecues, stoves, indoor or outdoor fireplaces, pool heaters, HVAC systems, and any other gas line projects you may have. Consult the gas line installation experts at Cumming Home Heating & Cooling and let us handle it for you. Learn more about Gas Line Installation Richmond Hill.

Hot Water Tanks Richmond Hill

Finding new, innovative and sustainable ways to preserve our earth’s supply of fossil fuels, while at the same time providing superior home comfort and energy efficiency for our customers, is sometimes a challenge — but remains one of our primary goals as a heating and cooling business. However, we believe we’ve struck a perfect balance with our product lineup of hot water tanks and heaters. By partnering with leaders in the industry, and carrying the best hot water heating products on the market, we demonstrate our commitment to both sustainability for the earth and energy efficiency for you, our valued customers. Call us for more information. Learn more about Hot Water Tanks Richmond Hill.

Richmond Hill Pool Heaters

Jumping into a pool on a hot summer’s day is refreshing. However, jumping into a pool with freezing cold water isn’t. If you want to enjoy your pool as much as possible during the warm summer months, a pool heater is a necessity. Pool water can get very cold at night and from shade, even during hot summer days. At Cumming Home Heating & Cooling we carry a premium lineup of pool and spa heaters and pumps to help your pool maintain the perfect swimming temperature. After installation we provide regular maintenance so you can protect your investment. We provide all these services for your Richmond Hill pool or spa — call us for details. Learn more about Richmond Hill Pool Heaters.

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